The Brand Storytelling for Your Adventure Business

We know Adventure. 

We know how to narrate it.

Why do Adventure Businesses need Brand Storytelling?

Not influence but vision

Brand Storytelling is not the same as influencer marketing

It's a job for a storyteller, someone who doesn't sell its own success but the ability to move others. 

Different media, many skills

Brand Storytelling is like “ghost writing”, but on multiple media. A brand storyteller gives a company a voice and a character with his multiple skills in photography, video making, writing and narration.

Travels sell, emotions arouse

Brand Storytelling is the communicative soul of any company in the travel business. A great story of an epic adventure, told in the right way with proper tools, can create something very special: pure emotion!

Stop selling travels, start selling dreams

Success in the travel industry depends more and more on the ability to communicate in real time, with passion and purpose, on different media and without filters.

Travelers today want to live authentic experiences, to get out of their comfort zone, get in contact with the locals, feel emotions they could never imagine. 

Travel agencies and brands need to provide this: not just selling holidays, but selling DREAMS

This is what a brand storyteller does: he shows the emotions that travel convey and how a brand makes them possible.

What are the businesses that get the most value from an emotional storytelling strategy?

  • Travel startups with innovative proposals, 
  • companies that offer products and services with a strong emotional focus
  • travel agencies with intrepid and adventure travels at their heart; 

They all need to show unique and incredible experiences. Moments of truth, with real clients and people, not mere movies with actors. 

In one word: emotions.

How can we do it for you?

  • Would you like the world to know the incredible adventures you your products and services allow your customers to live?
  • Would you like to highlight on all your channels how interesting your company is, the activities that it organizes, or the corporate culture that you have created?

We can help you do it. We can give voice to your company, as we did to our own on our blog and social media.

From zero to Viaggio Solo Andata

We have started a blog from nothing but a dream: a one way only trip ("viaggio solo andata" in Italian). 

  • We have built a community before, during and especially after our travels, 
  • we have crafted digital products that they would buy, 
  • we have created a very successful funnel for people to know us and get passionate about us.


This is the power of selling dreams

This is the power of storytelling.

The recipe for successful storytelling

Great contents, great growth

The growth of Instagram followers in a month: from 8.000 to 11.000

Give your audience what they care about

The growth of our blog's views in less than 2 years. From zero to more than 25.000 per month.

Our skills, your success

Content writing


Video making

Social media


Funnel Marketing

We do what others don't

We know adventure

We go everywhere to tell great stories: from the top of Munt Blanc to the Everest Base camp, to the Jordan desert to the Mongolian steppe.

We go beyond others' limits

Where else can you find a photographer that knows how to shoot while climbing a mountain or moving in the jungle?

How else can you find a copywriter that walks for days or rides a horse for hours just to write a great piece of content?

Some of our Brand Storytelling works

M4810 Expedition

How can a Change Management Company prove itself as the best one? For example, changing their mindset to face an expedition to the top of Mont Blanc. 

Texts and pictures at:

Pink Spirit Jordan

A project among the sands of Jordan, to promote a local business of horse riding holidays, glamping and more...

What do they have in common? The need for adventure storytelling.

Mia Milano: documenting homeless people

Helping a local NGO, Mia Milano, to shred light on their projects to aid the homeless people of the city.

From the first contacts to the exposition in Milan, a touching project for a good cause.

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About us

Marco Mignano

After a degree in computer science, Marco has specialized in photography and video making.

His works have been exposed in the center of Milan, 2 GoPro photography awards, many publication in Photography and trave magazines.

Ilaria Cazziol

A passion for communication in every form, a degree in marketing, a great love for the written word: Ilaria writes for online magazines and businesses and helps them rise above the depth of Internet.

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